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- Opryland Hotel

 - US Department of Defense

- Brentwood United Methodist Church

 - Feature Presentations

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 - Nashville Main Public Library

 - Mexicali Grill

 - Mill Creek Baptist Church

 - Franklin Special School District

 - David Lipscomb Elementary School

 - Metro Nashville Public Schools


It's Showtime! The Magician takes the stage ...

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If you have an audience that is ready to laugh and be amazed, Rodney The Magician has it covered! Laughter has to be a part of any Magic Show and also, audience participation has to be included. Audience participation gives that uncertainty that makes any event a scream! Included in the show will be doves and a rabbit, animals that are so tame, the kids can pet and get their picture made with after the show. The show and the photo will make for a great Magical memory! Call Rodney to discuss your show specifics now - Rodney The Magician (615) 226-9041